Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Breast Implants and Mommy Makeovers

One of the most common reasons for women getting breast implants is to replace fullness lost due to childbearing. When a woman goes through pregnancy, her breast tissue and glandular matter swell up in anticipation of breastfeeding an infant. This is nature’s way and part of survival of the species. It can be a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, it can also zap away the fullness of a mommy’s bosom.

A pre-pregnancy and youthful breast is often full and perky. The external flesh is usually a taut container around the mammary glands and fatty tissue. When it stretches out in order to incorporate the maternal changes as well as the breast milk, it often never returns to the snug roundness it once was. Once a baby has been weaned, the internal components of the bosom may never be quite the same. This has come as quite a shocking revelation to many a young mom.

Mommy makeovers are quite popular with women who have finished childbearing. Tummy tucks and breast enhancements can give a mom back her curvy shape. Some women only need the insertion of an implant while others may need a nip and tuck in order to lift the bosom. These lifts are called “mastopexy” in medical jargon.

Once a woman has returned her figure to attractive youthfulness, she can focus on the next couple of decades of childrearing. A happy mommy who feels good about her looks will be an upbeat nurturer, as well.

photo courtesy of Bella Cosmetic Surgery, National Harbor, MD

Friday, January 7, 2011

Gummy Bear Breast Implant Gaining Approval

There is a new type of breast implant on the market which has been gaining approval around the globe. Gummy bear implants are one of the latest in technological advances in breast augmentation. These devices have already gotten the green light in European countries as well as in Canada. American individuals are intrigued with the new devices, too.

Breast augmentation surgery continues to be one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures on the market. Many women of all ages and situations desire a fuller bustline in order to enhance their overall figure and shape.

Currently, the implants on the market are filled with either silicone or saline solutions. Saline is actually a type of salty water similar to what the human body is comprised of naturally. This is a plus for those individuals who would like to stick to more natural approaches but the saline products are reportedly a bit firmer than some individuals would hope for. The silicone products offer a softer feel which more closely resembles natural glandular tissue.

The products named after gummy bears have their pros and cons as well. The cons may include that they have a slightly firmer feel than human flesh. The pros include that they are made from a silicone material which is bound together scientifically in order to be safer in case of rupture. They are currently undergoing clinical trials in the United States of America and so far the news is positive. Gummy bear breast implants may be the next most common enhancement option around.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Use Photos and Reviews to Help You Make a Decision on a Doctor

If you are in the market for a New Jersey plastic surgeon, it is important to know the outcome for most of their past patients. You have probably made a short list of doctors that have come recommended to you, and you might even know some of their prior patients. They may have raved about the work done, but it is important to make sure that the majority of patients have been satisfied, not just a few. Taking a look at each doctor's website could provide you with this information.

Most sites these days offer before and after pictures of past patients. This allows you to see firsthand how the surgeries they have done have turned out. Of course, only the best pictures will be posted in most cases, but you can at least compare the photos presented to those on other doctors' sites. One doctor's idea of a successful result may be different from another's, and more importantly, it may be different from yours. No doctor can guarantee a perfect result, but admiring and trusting the work of a surgeon is a good start.

Aside from photos, you should also consider testimonials, which nearly any doctor typically has on their site. Again, you can expect to find only good reviews, but you can often compare those from one site to another. The main point is finding the best doctor for you, and that requires you to gain some knowledge about each surgeon, and then decide if you are satisfied with what you find.

Friday, June 12, 2009

What's the Most Popular Breast Augmentation Size?

According to a study published in this year's March/April Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the most popular breast augmentation size is 300 to 400 cc, which creates a small to full c cup according to a recent ASAPS press release.

Of course, trying to determine one's post-breast augmentation cup size based on implant size alone is an iffy business. Numerous factors determine post-augmentation size. For instance, the amount of breast tissue a woman begins with, of course, affects the outcome. So does the profile of the implant used. High profile implants offer greater projection than low profile, but fit better on some women's frames. The placement of the implants also affect the post-op size. Implants placed beneath the muscle will have slightly less projection than those placed over the muscle.

Many plastic surgeons offer tools, such as temporary sizers to try inside a bra, and computer imaging, to help women envision how they might look at various sizes. Ultimately, these tools are ways to aid communication with one's surgeon. If he or she understands the look you want, they can determine which size and profile implant can best create that look on you.

Though many out there still tend to believe breast augmentation is for swimsuit models looking for that full-breasted look, this study shows most patients seek a more natural result, choosing more modest sized implants.

For those considering breast enhancement, there are numerous resources to turn to. Murrieta breast augmentation specialists at Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center offer great information on their website. Or, consult to locate a board certified plastic surgeon near you.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Help for Those Struggling with Obesity

Countless men, women and children struggle with their weight in this country. In fact, statistics show over half of all Americans are currently overweight, and approximately one third are obese. And though Americans spend millions on weight loss books, programs, pills and diet products each year, obesity is still on the rise, plaguing us with such health issues as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, as well as aesthetic and self-esteem issues. For those frustrated with expensive weight loss plans that offer little or no results, or worse yet, the unhealthy roller-coaster ride many of us find ourselves is a great resource to check out. offers articles and videos on current weight related topics, as well as a library of online information about nutrition, exercise and weight loss surgery. The site also offers tools such as forums, chat rooms, a question and answer board and information on how to connect with support groups throughout the country. Along with these helpful tools, offers access to various medical professionals such as nutritionists, bariatric surgeons and plastic surgeons to help with post weight loss cosmetic needs.

For those considering plastic surgery to correct cosmetic issues after weight loss, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Basu offers great care at his practice in Houston. Body lift, tummy tuck, breast lift, arm lift, and other body contouring techniques can greatly enhance weight loss results by removing the excess skin and fat often left behind. Dr. Basu is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, as well as a member of the American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgeons. Sub-specializing in post bariatric weight loss cosmetic techniques, Dr. Basu also performs advanced breast restoration as well as cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction and face lifts. Dr. Basu had been named one of Houston's "Top Docs" by the readers of HTexas magazine from 2007-2009 and was honored with the American Medical Association Foundation Leadership in Medicine Award in 2008. For those dealing with excess skin left behind after weight loss, Dr. Basu can help you explore your cosmetic surgery options.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hot Trends in Cosmetic Surgery: Atlanta Male Breast Reduction Surgery More Popular Than Ever

As cosmetic surgery for men becomes more mainstream, thousands of patients have flocked to plastic surgery practices for a procedure known as “male breast reduction surgery,” which seeks to flatten and eliminate enlarged male breasts.

In this procedure, surgeons use a small incision to enter the breast area to remove excess fat or tissue that may be causing the chest or nipples to appear “puffy,” “feminine” or “enlarged”.

And while the rise of male plastic surgery is still a shock for some, the staff at the Swan Center for Plastic Surgery in Atlanta are not the least bit surprised by this trend.

"For decades, men have been suffering with the embarrassment and low-self esteem that accompanies enlarged male breasts," says a Swan Center representative. "It’s no wonder why men are openly embracing a procedure that allows them to combat enlarged breasts with very little pain or downtime."

Just to be clear, enlarged male breasts are usually the result of a genetic condition known gynecomastia. Gynecomastia can occur in one breast or both, and usually will not resolve with a traditional diet or exercise routine.

And while most cases of enlarged male breasts are genetically caused, certain medications such as Zantac, Celexa, Zoloft, Xanax, Vytorin and Cipro are also known to cause enlarged male breasts as a side effect.

Yet for the most part, the Atlanta male breast reduction patients seen at the Swan Center on a daily basis have reportedly suffered with this condition since puberty. "Grown men often come in with painful stories of how they used to feel embarrassed to take their shirt off in the locker room or how they’d feel uncomfortable on the beach. It’s heart breaking to say the least," said a staff member.

Furthermore, this procedure is now equally popular among young adults, as pediatricians are even sending in their extreme cases of young men with enlarged breasts for surgical intervention.

And honestly, it’s great that doctors are starting to realize that this one simple procedure can save young men from years of embarrassment and insecurities caused by a condition that is beyond their control. Young men should be having the time of their life in high school and college— rather than feeling humiliated to take their shirt off at the pool or feel uncomfortable with certain clothing because of how it makes their chest look.

"We are truly happy to offer such a wonderful procedure at the Swan Center for Plastic Surgery," said the spokesperson. "It’s about time men start to experience some of the uplifting results of cosmetic surgery that women have taken advantage of for years!

For further information on Atlanta male breast reduction or to schedule a free consultation at the Swan Center for Plastic Surgery, call (770) 667-0904 or toll-free (800) 816-1057.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Older Job Hunters Seek Cosmetic Enhancement

As the competition for jobs heat up, more and more men and women are turning to cosmetic procedures for the youthful look they feel they need to stay competitive. Many who are in or near middle-age seek Botox, eyelid surgery and other cosmetic enhancement to compete with younger talent. And they may be wise to do so.

According to a recent New York Times article, those 45 or older are currently remaining unemployed much longer than their younger competitors. Age discrimination claims are also on the rise during this harsh current economic climate.

Though cosmetic procedures may or may not improve ones chances in the job market, they may offer a boost in self-esteem, which is also a valuable commodity.

For those seeking enhancement, eyelid surgery, facelift and neck lift procedures can help restore a more youthful look, but most people are turning to less expensive, non-surgical options such as Botox, and dermal fillers. As the cosmetic surgery industry as a whole face a slump, non-invasive procedures such as Botox injections are seeing an upturn.

There are numerous surgical and non-surgical procedures available to those who want a "fresher" look for their job search. For those considering procedures such as eyelid surgery, botox, microdermabrasion or abdominoplasty, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Orringer offers great information on his website.